Minutes of the Twenty first  Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Church in India held on Saturday 5 October 2013

The Twenty first Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Church in India was held on Saturday 5 October 2013 at All Saints Church, 100 Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea, London, with approximately 50 members of FCI attending and eligible to vote.

1 Welcome and apologies

The Chair, Revd Jessie Anand, welcomed everyone.  Apologies had been received from: Dr Martin and Mrs Gillian Heath, Mr Antony and Mrs Dilys Thomas, Revd Murdoch and Mrs Anne Mackenzie, Miss Margaret Addicott, Dr Timothy and Mrs Anne Mark, Revds Julie and Leslie Nathaniel, Revd Arthur Beeson, Revd J Bryn Jones, Mrs Jean Challand, Canon Ivor Smith Cameron, Revd Suresh Kumar, Revd Bob and Mrs Isabel Burn, Miss Ruth Anstey.

2 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting  2012

These were approved for signature, as recommended by the Management Committee and signed by the Chair.  A copy had been posted on the website.

3 The Secretary’s report

Mrs Angela Wingate presented her report for 2013 (Appendix 1)

4 The Treasurer’s report

The treasurer, Revd Suresh Kumar, was not able to attend the meeting and had sent copies of the accounts for the financial year, January – December 2012, which were distributed to FCI members present.  On studying the accounts, Mr Duthie pointed out a mistake on the Balance Sheet for March 2011.  Because of Suresh’s absence it was not possible to explain this. [Later: the error was the result of an uncashed cheque(-24.97) not appearing in the printout.]

Roy Smith informed the meeting that he wished to record his appreciation of the work done by the treasurer but could not vote for the approval of the 2012 Accounts because he felt they were difficult to understand in their present form and the General Fund items should be shown separately from the Restricted Funds and the Unity Lecture fund.  Also, Gift Aid refunds on Restricted Fund items should be separated from Gift Aid received on FCI subscriptions. The treasurer had said before the meeting that as the independent examiner had approved the accounts, they could not be altered in any way.  After some discussion it was decided the motion should be that

  • we resolve to approve the accounts for Jan – Dec 2012 subject to revisions
  • suggested in the AGM.
  • the accounts be referred to the Management Committee and that they be published to the members as determined by the Committee through the web site and other means.

This motion was passed.

5 Election of three FCI representatives

The secretary had received three nominations.  They were Martin Heath, nominated by Jessie Anand, Julie Lipp Nathaniel and Angela Wingate; Gordon Shaw nominated by Margaret Smith, Roy Smith and Irwin Sealy; Julie Lipp Nathaniel nominated by Andrew Wingate, Martin Heath and Leslie Nathaniel.  It was agreed unanimously that these three should be elected to serve for a three year term.

6 Election of Secretary

Angela Wingate had served three years as secretary. She wished to stand down but, as there were no other nominations, she was nominated by the Management Committee and was re elected for one year only.

7 Future developments - report from the Chair   

The Chair, Jessie Anand, reported to the meeting on talks about widening the partnership of FCI. Preparations are underway for a Partnership Day to be held on 29 March 2014 in Birmingham.  The event will be a day conference from 9.30am to 4pm with the theme,’ Living Partnerships’.  Professor Kirsteen Kim (Leeds Trinity University ) and Professor Daniel Jeyaraj (Liverpool Hope University) have been invited as guest speakers. This plan is being supported by other agencies such as the Methodist Church, URC, US (formerly USPG), Partnership for World Mission (of the Church of England), The Vice Chair, Adrian Watkins, is integral to this planning.  Jessie encouraged FCI members to participate and bring their friends to the event.                                               

8 Date and venue of next AGM                                                                                                                                                                                                 Saturday 4 October 2014 at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, Fitzroy Square, London

9 Any Other Business    none                                                                             

The meeting ended at 3.15pm


Angela Wingate
26 October 2013


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