FCI Membership Subscriptions – New Rates from 2019


At the October 2018 FCI Day AGM it was agreed that the annual membership rates for 2019 onwards would be increased to £15 (single members), £20 (joint members) and £35 (groups); there has been no increase for several years. We do hope members enjoy being in contact with FCI and reading the Pilgrim magazine.

Would you please help us by taking a moment now to increase your subscription if you have not already done so? If you pay by bank standing order (as the majority do now), would you please instruct your bank to pay the increased amount from next year onwards? Please note that these payments are by standing order, not direct debit, so the instruction has to come from you, not FCI.

If you have been paying annually, would you please consider taking out a standing order? It makes it easier for us and you!  Please use the form FCI Standing Order form (located on this website page)  which you can use for this purpose, and which you can complete and return to the Membership Secretary (not to the bank); alternatively you can use the bank details to set up a new standing order, preferably payable in January each year; please make sure that your surname and initial are quoted as the reference.

If you prefer to pay by cheque this is fine, of course: would you please make a note to increase your subscription when it is due next year.

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have any queries – details below:

Revd William Allberry
FCI Membership Secretary
48 Ditton Road
Surbiton, Surrey

0208 390 2019
07818 641576

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