About Us

FCI seeks to promote, at the local level, particularly within England, Wales and Ireland, interest in the life, work and mission of the Indian Churches, with special reference to their experience of Christian unity, by ...

  • Praying with and for the Christians of India
  • Meeting together to celebrate liturgies from India Sharing insights and challenges from the CSI and CNI and other churches in India
  • Working together with the Asia Forum of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
  • Seeking to understand better the political, economic and social context of the Church’s life and work in India 
  • Encouraging twinning arrangements between local churches and regional church groupings in India and England, Wales and Ireland through its members
  • Maintaining friendly links with the Fellowship of St Thomas in Scotland and with groups in continental Europe that relate to the Indian churches
  • Welcoming friends from India as well as meeting old friends and making new ones
  • Enjoying Indian food and culture
  • Publishing a magazine twice a year
  • Sponsoring the St Thomas Unity Lecture every three years


Our Mission Statement

The FCI shall seek to promote at local level, in England, Wales and Ireland, interest in the life, work and mission of the churches in India.

The FCI will focus on Indian Churches’ experience of Christian Unity and will seek to understand the religious, political, economic, cultural and social context of their ministry and mission.

The FCI will do this as a contribution to, and an encouragement of, ecumenical relationships in the United Kingdom.

Supporting Organisations 

FCI is supported by the following organisations:-

1 Church of England
2 Methodist Church
3 United Reformed
4 Baptist Church
5 Church of South India
6 Church of North India
7 Indian Christian


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