Minutes of the Eighteenth Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Church in India held on Saturday 2 October 2010


The Eighteenth Annual General Meeting of F.C.I. was held on Saturday 2 October 2010 at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, London with approximately 90 members of F.C.I. attending and eligible to vote.

The Chair, Rev Julie Lipp-Nathaniel, welcomed everyone.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2009

These were approved for signature, as recommended by the Management Committee, and a copy had been posted on the website.

The Secretary’s report

Mrs Margaret Smith presented the report which was received with thanks. (Appendix 1)

The Treasurer’s report

Rev Suresh Kumar presented the report and statement of account(Appendix 2), which had already been scrutinised by the Management Committee. These were received with thanks. He reported that 210 had been received in donations as a result of the appeal in Pilgrim.

Questions from the floor

Why is there no figure for Gift Aid under the statement of Income?
Answer: Although Gift Aid had been claimed on the FCI Day offertory for 2009, it had not yet been received on donations. A similar figure to that for 2009 should be expected.

Who are the trustees?
Answer: All members of the Management Committee are trustees of FCI.


There being no nominations from the Membership, the Management Committee proposed the following people for appointment and these wereunanimously accepted to serve on the Management Committee for a term of three years

    Secretary: Mrs Angela Wingate

    Representatives from FCI: Dr Martin Heath and Rev Judith Ramble

Date of next AGM. Saturday 1 October 2011 at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, London

The Chair proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing secretary, who had been both her ‘left and right hand helper’. A floral gift was presented.

The meeting ended at 2.25 p.m.

Margaret Smith
9 October 2010


Appendix 1: Secretary’s Report 

This year has been a time of transition with new people taking up posts, the revised constitution being put into effect and the protracted search for my replacement(s).  The Annual FCI Day was held on October 3rd 2009, two regular meetings of the Management Committee were held, and an excellent seminar on Lesslie Newbigin arranged in conjunction with St Philip’s Centre in Leicester was both informative and interesting.  This was attended more by folk from the diocese than members of FCI, which is a matter for regret.  I have been in recent touch with the General Secretaries of both CNI and CSI and sent our greetings to CNI on the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebrations next week.

Membership of FCI is now about 325 including 4 group memberships.  We are pleased to welcome new members, and encourage all of you to make use of the revised leaflet. 

Before I leave my post I thought I would introduce you to the members of the Management Committee members and in what capacity they serve.  A good percentage of the committee is here today so if you would please stand as I call out your name I’ll make the introductions.

I would like to pay tribute to the membership secretary, Anne Bainbridge.  Anne has laid a good foundation during the two years she has been looking after your subscriptions and records, and we do thank her for all her time and effort.  I hope to build on it when I take over from her as Membership Secretary.  So I will still be after you for your money although I hope you  will all take out standing orders, so no reminders will be necessary!

I wish my successor every success and blessing in the work and a straightforward handover, although with the division of the tasks, it may not be as straightforward as we would like. But I am sure you will all support her as you have supported me.

Margaret Smith
October 2010

Appendix 2: Treasurer’s Report

Click here for the Financial Reports in Acrobat format (.pdf)


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