St Thomas Lectures

Index of Lectures

In 1990 the CSI Council inaugurated the St Thomas of India Unity Lectures. The first lecture was delivered in Cambridge, Cardiff and Edinburgh by Dr Thomas Thangaraj. The Friends of the Church in India, formed from the Church of South India Council and the Friends of the Church of North India in 1991, “inherited” the lectures and continues to maintain the series of one lecture every three years.

  1. Lecture 1 by Dr Thomas Thangaraj: Is Full Church Unity Possible or Desirable? (1990)
  2. Lecture 2 by Dr. Christopher Duraisingh: Local Churches truly united: the Vision and the Way. (1994)
  3. Lecture 3 by the Rev Dr Israel Selvanayagam: A Creative Adventure in Church Union. (1997)
  4. Lecture 4 by the Rev Valson Thampu: Towards a Spiritual Paradigm for Unity. (2000)
  5. Lecture 5 by Dr Aruna Gnanadasan: Religion and Violence: A Challenge to the Unity of the Churches. (2003)
  6. Lecture 6 by Father Monodeep Daniel: Models of Leadership in the Indian Church: an Evaluation. (2006)
  7. Lecture 7 by the Rev Dr Joshva Raja: Missionary Challenges from Contemporary India: Looking for a Fourth Way in Missiology.  (2009)
  8. Lecture 8 by Brian Dunn, BA, MSt: A Driver’s Manual for the Indian Road: Bishop Appasamy and Comparative Theology in India Today. (2012)
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